Vintage Alnico 2 Bridge

Classic Alnico V Bridge

Telecaster® Neck

Vintage specifications for this nice sweety Telecaster bridge pickup. Full of mids and presence, this pickup is lively. Slightly potted.

Comes with screw, tubing and baseplate.

6,93 kohm - 3,79 henries - 

Le son Telecaster vintage! Puissant, doux et brillant.

Full telecaster bridge pickup, harsh and powerfull, cutting and strong, this pickup gives exactly what you expect: gnarl and strength.

Comes with screw, tubing and baseplate.

8,2 kohm - 4,25 henries - Alnico V - 42 awg plain enamel

Le son Telecaster classique, puissant, hargneux et brillant.

The Telecaster® Neck pickup allmost never changed during decades. Mayby Leo Fender was satisfied by it.

This pickup has the good specifications: Alnico V magnets, 43 awg plain enamel wire, and thin Nickel-silver cover to give more highs and presence. Ear it and you will be conquered.

7,9 kohms - 2,4 henries - Alnico V - 43 awg plain enamel

La brillance et le moelleux sont les deux adjectifs qui le caractérisent le mieux, c'est un super micro, chaleureux et flûté qui laisse libre court à votre inspiration.