54 Vintage

Classic Alnico V

CBS Surf Strat®

Strat® Pickguard

This was the year that Leo Fender and Freddie Tavares's iconic design would shape generations of musicians to come. Now you can play that vintage tone from 1954. Comes with vintage '54 style staggered polepieces.

This kit is modeled after the 57/62 Fullerton red bobbin style Strat® pickup bobbin.

Surfs Up! This pickup comes with vintage correct post CBS grey bottom flatwork. Wound with a plain enamel-coated magnet wire (as opposed to the heavy formvar wire used in the 1950's), creating the surf tones that were so popular in 1960's. Comes with vintage style staggered polepieces.

Pickguard complet compatible avec toutes guitares de type Stratocaster® SSS

3 ply blanc, noir, crème ou mint

3 micros Strat® Lofiguitars

3 potentiometres CTS 250 Kohms

Condensateurs Orange Sprague 0.047µf